Game design – The book process

Just a quick side project I made for a high school teacher. She wanted to design a little game to introduce the process leading the writing of a book by its author to the hands of the reader.

We decided to make a card game that can be used as a timeline activity but also contains informations about each job involved in the creation of a book. So here is the end result !

visuels des cartes de la chaîne du livre

Accessibility certification for designers

So, it’s been a while since my last update. Early december, I was lucky enough to be part of an accessibility training, organised by the COMUE Normandy University, with the society KOENA.

As laws are passed here in EU, working to make the internet more accessible for everyone is becoming more urgent and important than ever. Koena training was spot on, with master classes and workshops… Definitely worth checking if you or your company is looking for basic or advanced training on this topic.

Certificat de réussite à l'examen Fondamentaux de l'accessibilité numérique